“Dan Varroney’s career has prepared him to be an excellent adviser on the advantages trade associations can give their members. He is uniquely qualified by experience to write this helpful book.”

Newt Gingrich
50th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives & Best Selling Author
Arlington, Virginia

Reimagining Industry Growth is a powerful exploration of what is possible when businesses work together. Our economy is appropriately based on competition. But some challenges are too profound — and some opportunities too great — to be addressed by individual companies. Strategic partnerships create outcomes that are far greater than the sum of the parts. Dan Varroney explores exactly what goes into such partnerships and provides a roadmap for those trying to build something beyond what people currently imagine.”

David Chern, President & CEO
News Media Alliance
Arlington, Virginia

Dan Varroney

President and CEO

Daniel A. Varroney is the author of the groundbreaking new book, Reimagining Industry Growth. He is also founder of Potomac Core, the northern Virginia strategic consulting firm that specializes in association transformation and building industry and association strategic partnerships. Through his work, he engages industry association executives and member Chief Executives who are recognized leaders in their industry. He also guides association CEOs on overcoming impediments, shaping the challenging external environment, and helps position industries and professions for long term growth. He has built upon on his own successful career as an association executive, leading groups with diverse focus, from manufacturing to high tech to finance, policy, and advocacy.

He became a sought-after expert on economic performance with appearances on CNBC, Fox, Dow Jones Marketwatch, Bloomberg, and the BBC. His deep understanding of policy, the economy, and regulatory influence on industries has shaped his approach to guiding associations and their boards through a strategic industry engagement process. Through his own management experience—and nearly a decade advising association clients—Dan has successfully applied his unique data-driven strategic process to the business and market challenges of trade groups and the companies they represent.

A prolific blog author, he launched and facilitates a Strategic Guidance Lab group for leading association CEOs with a focus on strategic partnerships and innovation. His unique consulting methodology has grown to include an understanding of the contributing factors of successful trade associations and professional societies, and the corresponding characteristics of the CEOs who lead them.

He is also a former elected official serving as a Village Council Member, Palatine, Illinois. During his twenty-two years of service, he collaborated with other elected officials, a citizen’s advisory council and staff to reduce police, fire, and paramedic response times, increase commercial revenues, improve Palatine’s Bond Rating to AA+, and stabilize property tax rates.

He graduated from The Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Arts degree and holds a Certificate in Leadership and Team Effectiveness from the Yale School of Management. He is also a member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Dan and his wife, Jeanine, live in Manassas, Virginia.

David Rehr, Ph.D.

Research Director

David is Professor, The Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University. Before that he served as President and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). President of the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), Chief House Lobbyist, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), after working as a professional staff member to the U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee and for former member of Congress, the Honorable Vin Weber (MN).

He is a leading researcher on the association sector; coauthor of Association CEOs: Leading through Change (2016), Diversity and Inclusion: Core Values Among Associations (2017), and Association and Nonprofit Boards: Maximizing Effective Service (2017).

David has also released several eBooks, including, Creating the Right Association Culture, which outlines practical ideas to build an exceptional association organization, and, Eight Traits of Exceptional Association CEOs, that looks at traits of association CEO success. His most recent eBook, Cutting Through Congressional Clutter: Proven ideas and tips to gain influence and be heard, has received enthusiastic reviews.

He serves as host of CEO Update’s awarding winning series, Association Newsmakers and is a member of American Society of Association Executives.

David is a graduate of St. John’s University with a BS, Business Administration, and he received a PhD, Economics, George Mason University.

Potomac Core Strategic Partnership with Edge Research

Jon Kulok


A Co-Founder and Principal of Edge, Jon has spent 25 years in the survey research field developing strategic quantitative and qualitative research for clients in the corporate, political, and non-profit sectors.

Jon has developed, executed, and analyzed strategic market research studies for such diverse companies as Citrix Systems, California Dental Association, Sprint/Nextel, and ESPN.com. Whether working on a branding study for a global corporation, a usability test for a start-up, or measuring loyalty and predicting retention for a membership association, Jon brings a combination of industry experience, statistical know-how, and business savvy to each job. Many clients continue to seek him out for advice long after their studies are completed.

Jon began his marketing research career at Peter Hart Associates, followed by almost a decade as an analyst for The Mellman Group. He founded Edge Research in 1997 because he was interested in using new methodologies to get better information to clients faster and for less money.

Over the last few years, Jon has served on the boards of two start-up technology companies, Viral Media Productions and CimSuite. An avid sports fan, he started playing fantasy baseball during the Reagan years, and now gets his thrills cheering on his children Sydney and Will on the soccer and baseball fields.

Gayle Vogel

VP and Senior Research Analyst

Gayle has more than 15 years of experience in marketing research serving a diverse client base from the financial services and telecom sectors to healthcare, non-profits, and government agencies. She has continuing relationships with The Hartford, Kaiser Permanente, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and The Nature Conservancy, among others.

A good listener, Gayle is well suited to adapting client business questions and challenges into a comprehensive research plan geared to yield meaningful insights and inform decision-making. One of her strengths is taking large amounts of data collected from diverse audiences, customer groups, or geographies and connecting the dots to tell a data-driven story that can be used to shape strategy and be absorbed at many levels within an organization.

Gayle’s specialties include customer and member retention, advertising tracking, product optimization and pricing, brand development and positioning, and message alignment. Also experienced in qualitative research, Gayle has conducted countless in-depth interviews and focus groups. She has completed moderator training coursework with RIVA Market Research.

Prior to joining Edge, Gayle was Senior Consultant with The Strategis Group, a telecommunications research firm serving the broadband, wireless, and Internet industries. She laid the foundation of her career as a researcher in the financial services practice of Opinion Research Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey.

Gayle is an avid runner and lives in Washington, D.C.