Uncertainty creates the Opportunity for Industries and Associations to Reimagine Industry Growth


This book is ideal for executives, managers, business leaders of all kinds, business students and professors. Reimagining Industry Growth is required reading for anyone who hopes to tap into the potential strength and value of effective strategic partnerships.

Reimagining Industry Growth provides an important overview of strategic partnerships, how they work, and how they can be applied to industry relationships with trade associations.

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Illuminating and fact based case studies from five different industries
Roadmaps for executives to apply the lessons learned from industry success stories
How to move the needle for entire industries via effective strategic partnerships and achieve unprecedented growth


What Experts Are Saying About Strategic Partnerships and Industry Growth:


"If you are charged with growing your business, this book proves that joining your industry association and commiting yourself and your organization to actively supporting it will pay you back at least ten-fold. You will get smarter quicker, and you will meet the best people in the industry. The time and effort you commit will enable you to forge business-to-business partnerships with the best suppliers and customers. You will better understand where you competitors are going so that you can either challenge them or lead your company elsewhere with a higher probability for success."

Steve Heese
President, Chris-Craft and Chairperson, National Marine Manufacturers Association
Sarasota, Florida


"In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving world, Reimagining Industry Growth by Dan Varroney provides practical guidance, actionable insights and effective strategies to help industries and trade associations utilize the power of partnerships to drive success."

Melissa Hockstad
President & CEO, American Cleaning Institute
Washington, DC


"In Reimagining Industry Growth, Dan Varroney provides powerful insights for both industries and professions in these incredibly unpredictable times. Dan's intriguing propositions offer surprising revelations to achieve collaborative growth through strategic relationships with real-life case studies. He shows how any industry can benefit from effectively using trade associations, to exponentially increase support, influence, and resilency. Every CEO, executive, and board member could benefit from reading Dan's book."

Kelly Kidwell
Immediate Past Chair of Finesca and CEO, Pacific Advisors
Claremont, California


"In this book, Dan's wealth of experience with multiple industries and trade associations creates an essential read for both industry executives who are part of an association and association leaders themselves. Through a series of well documented case studies, we are reminded of the inherent value for an industry in building strategic partnerships with their trade associations. Great insights on the purpose and importance of industry and trade association strategic partnerships, especially in a time of increasing uncertainty."

Juan Carlos "JC" Scott
President and CEO, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Washington, DC

Our Clients Say

Conducting strategic planning in the middle of a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and an election year was challenging. We needed a fresh approach to determine how the Association could evolve into a valuable strategic resource in new areas affecting the business of frozen food in addition to our core strengths of advocacy and food safety. Dan Varroney and his Team at Potomac Core – Association Consulting did an impressive job implementing a thorough, iterative, and data driven planning process. Their energetic, collaborative, and results driven approach was highly effective, and it energized our Board and staff. Our new strategic plan reflects Industry challenges and outcomes, and now AFFI is even better positioned to deliver long term strategic solutions for our members.

Alison Bodor
President & CEO
American Frozen Food Institute
Headshot of Marc Cadin

Our Clients Say

Merging two Associations in any environment is challenging. To do it during a pandemic and related economic collapse, amidst societal unrest, during a particularly challenging election year, presented numerous challenges. To leverage our new organization, Finseca worked with Dan Varroney of Potomac Core – Association Consulting. Their robust and engaging process helped us develop a strategic plan that focuses on how we can help our members achieve their business outcomes in any environment. Dan did an outstanding job helping to reorient our thinking away from the traditional internally focused strategic plan to an outside in strategic plan. Our Board and the staff team are energized and ready to implement the new plan.

Marc Cadin
Chief Executive Officer
Catharine Perry

Our Clients Say

The leading-edge research component was central to ADSA’s strategic planning process and what drew our organization to Potomac Core. Their market research approach combined with the technical skills of the research team made for an impactful set of data to build ADSA’s new strategic plan off of. Potomac Core was also a great cultural fit for both our executive team and our board. It was especially important for me to have a person that I could partner with in this process to advance the big picture goals of the organization while bringing clarity to operational and governance components as well. Because of Dan’s extensive experience in the association community, Dan has been a tremendous resource and colleague in that process. ADSA is now better positioned to be impactful for its members thanks to Dan and his team.

Catharine Perry
Executive Director
American Dairy Science Association

Our Clients Say

Way beyond due to write up a strong recommendation for Dan and his team at Potomac Core. ABA was looking for someone who would work with our board to transform our organization. We needed to move from reactive and staff focused to proactive and aligned with our members’ business outcomes. Dan and Potomac Core spent a year working from the outside in and from a data driven process instead of what we thought we knew. We are still transforming ourselves, but have made significant progress.

Robb MacKie
President & CEO
American Bakers Association

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